Survive encounters with the occult within the treacherous expanses of your own bedroom! Will you be able to balance the waking hours with those spent lost in sleep? Could these dreams be just a passing story in the mind or could they be more? What the hell is going on?!

Outdream is a game made using Gameboy Studio with the goal to hopefully boil the classic feelings of those old 2000s RPG Maker games down into their most basic forms. If that sounds like a good time to you I think you'll enjoy Outdream. Outdream was inspired by games like The Witch's House, Undertale, Ib, and Soul Void.


  • Arrow Keys / WASD to move or swap selected response
  • Z / J to Interact or Accept
  • X / K to Deny


  • Any GB Studio based bugs such as certain objects and characters appearing above text boxes (doesn't impede reading)

Development log


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This is great! I've gotten to the part where the cooked meat is too hot to pick up, but now I'm stumped! The sounds could be better, but I'm sure this game will continue to update and improve!

Thank you for checking out the game! A big goal by the end is completely overhauling the ambiance and other auditory stuffs!